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Implant locator Spotter



The implant detector can locate implants covered with gingival tissue with great precision during two-step procedures. Thus, thanks to this device, the patient no longer needs to undergo complex and painful procedures.

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Unit price : £ 359.00

Packaging : 1 unit

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£ 359.00

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Benefits :

• Dimensions: W 215 mm x W 45 mm  
Diameter of the head: 21 mm
Weight: 60 g
Display type: LED bars
Power Source: Alkaline Battery 1 x 1.5V AA

Simplicity : simplifies procedures in complicated cases
Accurate : the implant is easily detected regardless of its position or angle
Reliable : more effective than X-rays
Sterilizable : detachable sensors for simple sterilization
Effective : suitable for various titanium implant systems
Security : less trauma during surgery and post-operative complications, faster healing time
Ergonomic : design adapted for a better grip  

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