Extracting forceps, American pattern


The forceps are pliers used to extract teeth. HYGITECH offers a complete range of forceps adapted to each dental sector.

Characteristics of our range :

- Smooth jaws American shape
- Autoclavable
- Made of stainless steel

More details

Unit price : £ 67.15

Packaging : 1 unit

Total Cost :

£ 67.15

More info
- CRYER forceps n°150: for premolars, incisors and upper roots

- Forceps n°151 : for premolars, incisors and lower roots

- Nevius forceps n°88L : for left upper molars

- Nevius forceps n°88R : for straight upper molars

- Forceps n°451 : for lower premolars

- Forceps n°150S : for upper teeth and roots

- American forceps n°151S : for lower teeth and roots

- Forceps n°23 : for lower molars

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Date of last update: 16/11/2020

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