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La-Grange 16.5 cm tungsten carbide scissors


La-Grange scissors are particularly useful for working around tight areas, such as the interproximal spaces of the mouth. Unlike Metzenbaum scissors, La-Grange scissors have much shorter blades. La-Grange scissors are very popular for thin flap removal.


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Key Features and Benefits

- Tungsten carbide is an alloy of carbon and tungsten. Tungsten carbide (TC) is the material with the highest melting point (3422°). As a result, TC is a very hard material with high resistance to wear and oxidation. Tungsten carbide scissors undergo a special heat treatment and a special sharpening phase. This sharpening stage gives them an above-average extreme cutting edge. Tungsten carbide scissors can be recognized by their two golden handles

- S-shape: facilitates cutting in hard-to-reach areas by clearing the field of vision to offer better visibility of the treatment area. Very easy to handle, the double curvature makes it possible to reach posterior areas without having to spread the cheek.

- The "pointed" tip: very sharp for excellent cutting precision, for more meticulous and precise procedures.

- The "serrated" tip: for more invasive applications, acting on more resistant tissue. The serration holds the tissue in place and prevents the instrument from slipping during cutting.

- The combo of the two tips makes it easy to cut soft tissue or sutures.