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Goldman-fox 13 cm supercut scissors


Like La-Grange scissors, Goldman-Fox scissors are mainly used to work around tight areas, notably the inter-proximal spaces of the mouth. Unlike other scissors, Goldman-Fox scissor blades have the distinctive feature of being very sharp at the tips.


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Key Features and Benefits

- The "pointed" tip for more meticulous procedures and highly precise cutting. Its "super-cut" micro-finish gives the blade a cutting edge equivalent to a scalpel blade.

- The "serrated" tip: for more invasive applications, acting on more resistant tissue. The serration holds the tissue in place and prevents the instrument from slipping during cutting.

- The combo of the two tips makes it very easy to cut soft tissue or even sutures

- Two shapes available:

Curved shape: facilitates cutting in areas that are initially difficult to access by providing better visibility

S" shape: very easy to handle, the double curvature makes it possible to reach posterior areas without having to spread the cheek.

- Super-cut" scissors can be recognized by their single gold-ringed handles