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My Surgery Box

My Surgery Box

Peace of mind for a successful surgery

Three steps of implant surgery brought together in one personalised, ready-to-use box: Choose from a large range of products developed with the best opinion leaders. Facilitate your surgery!

Have the freedom to create a product which meets your requirements: With our range of high quality products, the possibilities are endless. Our personalised service allows you to choose all the items that you need for implant surgery except for the implant itself.

Practical: you can order your My Surgery Box individually and therefore optimise your storage space. Its unique packaging allows time saving during surgery preparation and helps with stock management.

Ultra-fast delivery for a such unique product

Choose for peace of mind: Whether your assistant is on leave, whether you operate outside of your practice or whether you work in a changing environment, you always have at your disposal all of the products that you need for your surgery. Your work comfort is essential: thanks to the My Surgery Box you will never be in need of a product again.

Ultra-competitive price: Optimise your cost-effectiveness with My Surgery Box and calculate in no time the cost related to the patient surgey.

Optimise the time spent with your patients: Ready to use, My Surgery Box allows you to work in a more comfortable, user-friendly environment since the products are ordered in a logical way according to the operation proceedings. In order to facilitate your practice, the box is split up into the three following steps:

  • My Surgery Box
  • My Surgery Box
  • My Surgery Box
Build your customised box, in 3 steps

In order to prevent nosocomial infections, the My Surgery Box has in this compartment: a sterile protection kit for both the surgeon and the patient as well as the working environment. Choose the kit which is most convenient for you from the large range of HYGITECH kits.

This compartment also contains one or morepairs of surgical gloves, an aspiration set with cannula, a saline solution pouch as well as an irrigation set adapted for your motor. 

Surgical kits
Irrigation sets
Saline solution pouches
Sterile swabs
Sterile gloves for the surgeon
Sterile gloves for the assistant

The surgical tray includes of five product categories directly related to the operation, such as scalpels, biomaterial, membranes, pins and sutures. Two patient face wipes to use after surgery are included in each box.

Membrane & Fleece
Patient face wipes

Exclusive! The My Surgery Box contains a bag specifically designed to be given to the patient containing: a post-op recommendation booklet to recap the advice to follow from the day of surgery until complete recovery, a cold pack and a mirror. In collaboration with Specialys, you will also find a post-surgery toothbrush and a soothing spray.

Out patient bag
Hot/cold gel packs
Toothbrush & spray
My Surgery Box
My Surgery Box

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