Prepare your personalised kit

In order to better respond to your needs, HYGITECH now offers the chance to assemble your own surgical kit. Choose from a catalogue of over 100 components and easily configure the assembly order according to the protocols of your particular surgery. All our kits come wrapped in crepe paper. Assembled in an ISO Class 8 standard clean room and sterilised in France, HYGITECH personalised kits comply with every demanding standard. Additionally you can personalise the packaging with your logo, photo, degree or name and receive your personalised kit at your practice in thirty five days! For complete peace of mind, please don’t hesitate to ask for a free sample to help confirm the contents of your personalised kit. Delivery of free samples, due to a big demand, will take approximately 20 days.

Below are the three steps to follow:

1/3 Choose the components that will make up your kit

Individual protective components for the person 1

Pair of surgical latex non-powdered gloves

Earloop face mask

Tie-on mask

Hypoallergenic earloop face mask, blue

Hypoallergenic tie-on mask, blue

Surgical cap, blue

Non-woven bouffant cap, blue

Bouffant clip cap, white

Astronaut cap

Isolation gown

Surgical gown + 2 hand towels

Pair of non-woven shoe covers, blue

Pair of anti-slip shoe covers, blue

Mask with face shield

Pair of waterproof overshoes

Individual protective components for the person 2
Individual protective components for the person 3
Surface components

Attention, to make up a kit you need at least 5 components