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Surgical Guide

Simplified surgical guide

In everything we do, we always try to simplify your practice. That's why we've reinvented the surgery guide.

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HYGITECH simplified surgical guide: Discover the first accessible and all-in-one service for initial drilling.

No Investment

Get rid of software and purchase a new surgical kit! No investment is required for the HYGITECH guide.

A simplified procedure

Send us the CBCT scan (raw DICOM files * .dcm)

Send us the print whether or not you have an intraoral scanner.

- Physical print by postal mail - Digital print on our platform

Easy electronic transfer

Send the CBCT (raw DICOM files * .dcm) and the digital print (* .stl) to the WeTransfer HYGITECH.

We Transfer Procedure

Our experienced dentist

  • The planning will be done by our experienced dentist.
  • The surgical guide will only be manufactured once validated by you.

Our planning tool

  • The surgical guide is designed from software that models the jaw in three dimensions and allows the positioning of the implant with high accuracy.

In contrast to the radiological guide, the surgical guide determines the position of the implant precisely by carefully avoiding anatomical obstacles (nerve, sinuses, cysts, arteries, including roots, etc...).

A unique product : Each surgical guide is designed specifically for each patient.

Manufactured with spectacular precision

  • Printing of the HYGITECH surgical guide on a 3D printer.
  • Biocompatible resin.

100% universal

  • Compatible with all implant brands.
  • The simplified surgical guide allows the initial drilling. You then use your usual surgical case .


  • The drill Ø2,2mm (10 or 14mm) is offered to you during your first order.

Technical specifications

  • Service only available in English and French
  • Fast delivery in 5 days in Europe
  • Biocompatible material
  • Service unavailable for total edentulous, the HYGITECH surgical guide is supported on the adjacent teeth.
  • File format for the CBCT: *.dcm - Send "raw" DICOM files, without viewer, either a series of "small" *.dcm files (DICOM CT, each corresponding to an axial section of the 3D volume), or a single "big" file * .dcm (DICOM EnhancedCT, corresponding to all the axial sections of the 3D volume). Any other format will pose as a potential problem. If you do not recall knowing about it, you should contact your dealer or the technical support of the equipment specifying the above, in order to know the protocol.
  • File format for the fingerprint: *.stl
  • Manufacturer: ETK. Class I Medical Device. Notified Body: Auto