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    As a specialist in solutions for occupational safety, Ansell Medical has a clear objective: "To ensure the protection of practitioners, so that they protect their patients". In dentistry, Ansell Medical mainly offers examination and surgical gloves, including various technologies that guarantee dermatological comfort and maintain the musculoskeletal health of wearers in order to improve their performance.

    Founded in 1953, Crosstex has become a recognized leader in innovative infection prevention and control products for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.

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    Demetech is world renowned for its very high quality sutures, which makes it one of today’s market leaders.


    Hager & Werken is a German family business founded in 1946. The marketing of its disposable saliva ejector and Miraject injection cannula in 1960 was the basis for the growing success of the brand. Today, Hager & Werken manufactures products for aspiration, restoration, implantology, endodontics and surgery, making them a key player in the dental market.

    Hartmann is one of the hygiene product leaders in the medical sector.


    HYGITECH offers all the necessary products for dental surgery along with sterilisation equipment, clothing and surface protection for surgical units.


    Number 1 in dental posts’ sales in France, the laboratory ITENA Clinical offers a complete range of endodontology products, cannula irrigation products in particular.


    For more than 130 years, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies has been designing and supplying medical devices that combine science, technology and innovation to rethink the way healthcare is delivered and help patients recover better from surgery. With this expertise, Johnson & Johnson delivers intelligent healthcare and surgeons and patient-centric solutions.
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    Pioneers in the creation of single-use protective devices, LCH MEDICAL has been imperative to develop equipment to fight against all kinds of contamination, intoxication or injury while providing maximum comfort to practitioners. LCH has many references in the single-use medical protection markets.

    The demand for precision and quality in surgical procedures increasing makes the use of loupes an essential tool in the implantology sector.


    Created in 1998, Nex Medical is a manufacturer with a clear objective: to develop innovative disinfectant products for healthcare workers and patients. Nex Medical aims to provide surgical products with the highest level of technology, quality and efficiency for hand and skin asepsis.


    Nichrominox specialises in medical-surgical equipment.


    Perfectgloves is a glove supplier combining comfort, excellent sensitivity and the best protection for the dental surgeon.


    Created in 1927, PRODONT-HOLLIGER is a French company initially known for the marketing of dental and laryngeal mirrors (Actual, Holy, Holyclar, DMS), as well as dental waxes (ESVE). Recently integrated into the ACTEON group, the brand has diversified over time by integrating the manufacture of dental instruments (diagnosis, restoration, periodontology, extraction, dental surgery, implantology, laboratory).

    Resorba is one of the flagship brands of Advanced Medical Solutions Group Plc, a global leader in products for the surgical and wound closure markets. Designed primarily for the surgical and dental markets, RESORBA includes a full range of sutures and collagen-based products, available in different configurations to meet the needs of specialists and patients. RESORBA's goal is to enhance tissue repair and regeneration while providing the best possible functional and aesthetic results in dental surgery.

    Roeko-Coltene offers a wide range of consumable products and small equipment, such as biocompatible products for dental surgery.


    Sanibox is a brand name of the MG2P group and is a range of products for the recovery of sharps (needles, scalpels...) from medical environments.