Bovine bone substitute Re-Bone


RE-BONE® is a resorbable bone substitute of bovine origin used in dental surgery for the filling or remodelling of bone tissue. RE-BONE is very similar to human bone tissue and is therefore able to create a favourable environment for bone regeneration.

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The micro- and macro-porous structure promotes osteoconduction and cell invasion, which are essential for sustainable bone formation, while reducing resorption time. THERMAGEN's unique ultra-low temperature production process offers non-ceramisation and optimal compatibility with human bone.
With a high biocompatibility rate and CE certification, RE-BORNE is an excellent alternative to natural or synthetic bone substitutes.

Features :
- 3 volumes available: 0.25g / 0.5g / 1g
- 2 granulometries : 0,25 to 1 mm / 1 to 2 mm
- Italian manufacture

Origin and production :
- Biomaterial derived from bovine femur EPIPHYSE (similar to human bone tissue)
- Unique THERMAGEN production process at low temperature guaranteeing the preservation of the porosity of the structure and an absence of ceramisation.

Biocompatibility and stability :
The probability of colonisation of the biomaterial by bone progenitor cells is estimated at 96%.

Osteoinductive capacity :
RE-BONE® preserves most of the bone cell matrix proteins important for the regeneration of the surrounding tissue. This creates a favourable environment for chemotaxis, osteoblast proliferation and neoangiogenesis.

Structure and resorption process :
The micro-roughness and micro-cavities within the granule allow cells and vessels to colonise the graft in depth, shortening the resorption time of the bone substitute (6-8 months).

Remodelling :
As the composition of hydroxyapatite is identical to that of human bone, the body recognises RE-BONE® as a material that is not foreign to it, and it can therefore begin to form natural bone, reabsorb it and remodel it. The osteoclasts absorb the granules and at the same time the osteoblasts form autologous bone. During this process, RE-BONE® is completely replaced by bone, which prevents foreign substances from affecting the natural biomechanics. It takes about 1 year for complete remodelling.

Storage: 5 years at a temperature between +5°C and 30°C
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