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Biosorb-Dental : substitut osseux synthétique


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Biosorb-Dental is a resorbable bone substitute of synthetic origin composed of Beta-tricalcium phosphate (βTCP) with a porosity of more than 60%. Close to the mineral components of bone, βTCP is a very high purity material, used in dental surgery for the filling or remodelling of bone tissue

III medical device Notified body: 0459 LNE/G-MED



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The micro- and macro-porous structure promotes osteoconduction and cell invasion, essential parameters for sustainable bone formation.

Fully biocompatible, Biosorb-Dental is an alternative to natural bone substitutes, which offers optimal bone healing while limiting the risk of infection


- 3 volumes available: 0.5 cc / 1 cc / 2cc

- 2 granulometries: 0.25 to 0.6 mm / 0.7 to 1 mm

- Made in France


β-TCP is a synthetic compound similar to the mineral phase of human bone. Its chemical composition allows the material to be rapidly resorbed by the host tissue

Absolute biological safety:

The synthetic bone substitute eliminates any risk of human or animal viral contamination. Similarly, the absence of bone removal from the patient reduces the operating time and morbidity rate, minimising the risk of inflammation

Cellular penetration:

The alveolar structure of the material and its high porosity (> 80 µm), allow a rapid cellular invasion (almost complete in 7 days), a perfect osteoconduction and consequently, a quality bone formation

Resorption and osseointegration process: 

The physical properties of the biomaterial provide simultaneous resorption and bone growth through a biological mechanism. The resorption and osseointegration time is almost complete in 6 months