Premises design

Premises design

What choices are available to you during your first installation?

  1. Create your own practice.

Advantages: you can choose the location, layout and are entitled to new equipment.

  1. Buy and transform a practice as you want.

Advantages: you can access a patient history data base.

Whether to buy, rent or build.

The choice will depend on your personal objectives, your experience, your installation site and your financial means. The other important factor is the availability of parking space.

Owner’s benefits:

  • Spreading out the office expenses  over a longer period
  • Freedom of choice regarding the layout of your practice
  •  Tax exemption if non trading real estate company

Tenant’s benefits:

  • The freedom to move if the location does not prove conclusive
  • Lower personal investment

Before you set up or resume a practice, define what you want:
– What revenue do you expect to turn over in the first year, the second year, and in 5 years?
– What led you to choose this place to operate?
– Do you prefer a practice with a large volume of activity or one with fewer patients?
– Have you clearly identified your clinical limitations?
– Are you ready to manage staff?
– Do you have a management strategy?
– What is the profession’s representation rate in relation to the local population?
– What areas are growing / developing?
– Where can your clients park their cars?
– Is the practice accessible to all patients?
– Is it a joint-owned building?
– How much work will need to be done to the premises?
– What will be the amount of work to be considered for the local refresh or transform?
– Should you partner with another practitioner?
– What laws should you adhere regarding the layout of the premises?

In addition to the above questions, you can respond to a series of basic requirements concerning your future dental studio:

Amenagement checklist EN












Whatever your goals, there are  fittings and equipment  essential to your surgical practice:

  1. Reception
  2. Waiting room
  3. Treatment room
  4. Operating room
  5. Decontamination room
  6. Radiography room
  7. Doctor’s office
  8. Control room
  9. Stock room
  10. Staff break room
  11. Toilets

Amenagement liste matériel EN

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