Dental surgery : Scalpels

The second stage of the surgery is the act itself. This is carefully planned with the established surgical protocol and following the preoperative visit. During the operation the surgeon will simultaneously irrigate the oral area and aspirate fluid and suturing wounds.  
HYGITECH offers a range of products at all these stages. To irrigate, pockets of saline and irrigation lines compatible with 90% of market drivers; to suck, several cannulas and suction sets; absorbable sutures and nonabsorbable, which you can customize if you like; Finally, reusable or disposable hot/cold packs can be offered to the patient to prevent swelling.

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    Sterile scalpel blades, single-use.Individual package

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    Sterile single use scalpel blades offering great cutting precision.

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    Swann-Morton scalpels are sterile single-use scalpels. These scalpels are mounted with a sterile blade, available in several sizes. The Swann-Morton scalpel range has the following characteristics: • Stainless steel blade • High cutting power for ultra-precise incisions • Rigid plastic handle: ensures a good grip and position in the hand• Packaged in...

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    Swann Morton's "Micro Fine Blade" range has been specially designed for practitioners seeking precision in complex surgical procedures. The thinness of the blades guarantees cutting precision for delicate operations and/or hard-to-reach areas.

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