Dental surgery preparation : Hands disinfection

The first stage of surgery depends on the preparation that the dental practice undetakes, laws must be practiced during surgery in the operating room.
To optimise operation and reduce health risks, it is important to make the protection of all personnel and equipment. To make the surgeon's life easier, HYGITECH offers 10 pre-assembled kits, all ready to use.

Don't use a certain part of the kit? Most products can be purchased separately. 

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    Packaging : box of 50

    Standard quality : White, soft, high quality wadding paper towel

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    Packaging : Box of 40

    Essential single use surgical brush and sponge to clean finger nails and skin. 3 products available : - dry - with an antiseptic solution of Chlorhexidine gluconate (4%) - with an antiseptic solution of Povidone iodine (7.5%).

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